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Each student potentially is $2,400 in spending power per month.
Each company provided 10 scholarships accounting for $24,000 per month in spending power in an economically depressed area and $288,000 in a year’s span.
4 companies provided a total of 40 scholarships accounting for minimum 1.1 million of spending power in an economically depressed area.

There are many positives

• Management Opportunities
• Expungement
• Sponsored Dispensary Agent Training
• Application assistance
• Job placement opportunities
• A chance to obtain a job above the living wage of
• Companies that can help you facilitate your next career move

   One of the reasons the program was formed was due to the lack of information that was being distributed in the disproportionately impacted areas where many of the dispensaries will open. We basically have a situation where an entire industry had been dropped in our state with little to no preparation or information to disproportionately impacted residents. There was no plan or resource made available to those who could potentially own or work in the cannabis industry. There was essentially no information in regard to banking or alternatives such as financing and credit. We decided to take on the challenge of
diversifying the Illinois cannabis industry through our grassroots efforts and community events that we have orchestrated.

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