Acc of Illinois is Illinois first certified, Female Minority Owned Firm to provide training to disadvantage communities (Social Equity Applicants). To rack up along with her accolades she is also certified to teach CPR and Edible Infusion Courses. Another class in collaboration with Berwyn Thompkins and “I Got The Munchies”. Whether you’re here for edibles infusion, dispensary training or CPR training, you will leave with skills and knowledge necessary to become successful within this field and a certificate that’ll make your dispensary, customer to employee transition a breeze.

The state Of Illinois require Responsible Vendors the approval of training that cover a wide range of topics from health and safety to inventory tracking and labeling requirements

Why is this training important?

It’s a newly regulated market and it’s important that we’re not only adhering to the laws but that people know that their is a safe way for cannabis to be distributed, consumed and dispensed of. We think it will also help dispel the negative connotation around cannabis.

When will trainings take place, and how?

We offer training classes online 24 hours a day at your own pace and in-person training at our location.